To be a REAL specialist, you must know your area of expertise like that back of your hand. I am very proud to say that, there is no one else on the market that knows HDB in Singapore like myself or my team at Singapore Estate Agency.
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With more than 10 years of experience as a property agent, Calvin has executed a  wide spectrum of property transactions, which include both commercial and residential properties. He has distilled his property market insights into S.E.A.’s signature “8 Secrets” formula, which has reaped huge profits for his clients. As property transactions represent significant milestones in most Singaporeans’ lives, Calvin recognizes the importance of taking responsibility for his clients’ interests and standing firmly by their side during negotiations with other parties. Calvin’s clients consider him to be  trustworthy, responsible and approachable, as he makes the effort to develop a close personal bond with them and understand their needs and  difficulties. Calvin relies on the word of mouth to grow his business and many satisfied clients have recommended his services to their family and  friends. He feels a sense of gratification when clients tell him that they appreciate his devotion and commitment to his work.

Calvin did not begin his career as a property agent. Instead, he started out as a Naval Diver in the Singapore  Armed Forces. Despite a stable income, he made a bold decision to leave the service after 10 years to pursue a new challenge. At the age of 30, he trained under his mentor as a property  agent. As he was new to the industry, he had to work doubly hard to equip himself with the relevant knowledge and skills. During his first three years as a property agent, Calvin spent most of his time training and following his mentor around to acquire on-the-job experience. Training sessions stretched late into the night, and he received only a few hours of sleep on most days. He also had little time for  family and friends, but he persevered as he believed that the short-term hardship would eventually pay off.

In 2009, Calvin founded  S.E.A. and recruited over 60 property agents. That number grew to more than 100 the following year. Calvin’s initial intention of setting up S.E.A. was to give job opportunities to his peers and associates who were willing to pursue a career in the property market. As Calvin  himself was trained by his mentor when he first became a property agent, he wanted to pay it forward and help nurture and lead other agents who  were just starting out. However, setting up S.E.A. was not without its challenges. As Calvin had no prior experience in managing a business,  setting up S.E.A. was a huge financial risk. While the path was fraught with obstacles, Calvin learnt quickly from his mistakes and navigated S.E.A.  through difficult times to transform it into a reputable property agency. To date, S.E.A. is one of the fastest growing agencies and has two branches across Singapore.

When many of Calvin’s  peers and associates first joined him in S.E.A., they were either facing financial difficulties or had been unable to find success as a property agent. They saw Calvin and S.E.A. as a last resort to turn things around. As a testament to Calvin’s success in mentoring, many of his  mentees overcame their financial difficulties and excelled in S.E.A. 

Calvin has played an instrumental part in changing the lives of his mentees and many of them continue to be  part of the S.E.A. family today due to  their loyalty and gratitude to Calvin. His dedication towards mentoring is premised on his belief that the strength of S.E.A. lies in its people. He  continues to invest significant time and resources into nurturing S.E.A’s agents, and this approach has paid off handsomely as S.E.A’s agents have  consistently outperformed other established property agencies. This is a tremendous achievement for a relatively young agency. Hoping that they  will also inculcate his work ethic, Calvin constantly reminds S.E.A’s agents that the key to success lies in having a positive attitude – and this entails hard work, persistence, and taking no shortcuts. 

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